Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager – Progress, predictions, and quality are all things that a Portfolio Manager is concerned with. You want to know how much and which existing or forthcoming projects are assisting you in growing or improving your company.
Restya will not improve your business on its own, but it will assist you in improving transparency, increasing flow, and assisting your teams or teams-of-teams in planning, following, measuring, and improving the processes and products that make up your firm.
Let’s go over the features that we believe will make you happy!

Portfolio Manager Features

Alignment and Focus

OKRs and other goal-setting methods are all about bringing people together around a similar set of objectives. We support a variety of goal systems and can connect them in meaningful ways, allowing us to link product development activity and output to the business’s planned goals. We support these goal systems:
  • OKR  (Objectives and Key Results)
Connect OKRs to Work Items, Scrum Iteration Goals, and SAFe Performance Improvement Objectives.
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  • All SAFe levels have PI objectives
Set up iterations for all teams linked with the items you’ve chosen.
Product Owner
  • Support for Sprint Objectives

Sprint Goals, SAFe PI Objectives, and Scrum may all be combined in Restya.

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  • Linking the task and its progress to any of the goals or objectives listed above
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Transparency of Process and Quality through Reports and Metrics

Continuous improvement based on real data or feedback is an important part of being Agile. This implies that we require access to the data and are capable of making the data and feedback readily available (from different angles and perspectives). You can only start to improve in a meaningful way until you can view all of the data and filter it to understand what’s obstructing flow, quality, or time-to-market.
Restya is a project management application that excels at visualization and collaboration. Request a demonstration of any of the following features to see what we mean:
  • Views view types, and view customizations are all available
On a Roadmap, visualize Epics, Features, or other work items.
Agile Framework
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Choose from a variety of report templates or start from scratch.
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  • Automation Rules and Metrics
low code - workforce
  • Integrations with other task management or pipeline (DevOps) technologies at the team level
  • To overcome the issues of corporate planning and tracking based on the SAFe architecture, Restya may be smoothly connected with Azure DevOps or Jira Software.
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See, Plan, and Follow the Work

Seeing the job and its progress, especially in software development, is extremely difficult. It’s all concealed behind a screen somewhere on a server. Restya allows you to view work from a high level down to the smallest detail, track its current progress in your process chain, and plan, prioritize, and anticipate future work. We provide you the option of tailoring the amount and details of data for any group or individual, so you don’t get lost in the details but can still see them if necessary. Take a look at our features on:
  • Dashboards for Portfolios with Reports and Metrics
Business Process
  • PI Planning
  • Conduct Program Increment (PI) Planning for your teams straightforwardly and seamlessly with PI Planning.
  • Product Portfolios, Programs, and Kanban Boards
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  • Product Backlogs and Roadmaps
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