Product Management

Product Management – Restya is there for you through the product life cycle. Keep everything in one place and go from managing incoming client ideas and requests to offering your own. Turn accepted ideas into product management, continue with implementation, select the development method that best suits your team’s needs, and track product delivery.

Product Management - In one location, you can keep track of incoming requests as well as your ideas

Allow your clients and stakeholders to send you ideas, questions, or concerns via email or our Help Desk Portal, and have them transformed into requests in Restya instantly. Add your suggestions and rank them all on one screen.


Convert concepts into usable products

Decide which concepts should be incorporated into your goods, which should be rejected, and which should be turned into product functionality.

Make plans and timelines

Plan additional features from a different perspective once you've established your product backlog. You may plan your product features quarterly using an iterative method.

You may also use a Timeline to track history, understand present development, and create a future short- or long-term roadmap by specifying the specific start and finish dates. You'll also be able to manage team assignments, determining who and when will be available for new functionality development based on system projections.

Agile Framework

Maintain flexibility throughout the development process

During the implementation phase, let your teams select which procedure to employ. They can use Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, or any other methodology they like. Restya enables teams to follow their real-world processes and assists project managers in tracking progress across all teams without being confused about each team's unique workflow.

Make sure the quality is good

Restya's mature QA section assists you in delivering high-quality products and offers you a toolkit for organizing and managing testing activities in your organization. Create and manage test cases, then arrange them into test plans to cover testing at the feature, release, and project levels. You can also follow the design and execution status of your test plans, as well as see the timeline for your test plan runs.

Restya Track Order

Track the progress of your order

From a single page, you can schedule the release plans of numerous projects, check their progress, and view forecasts. Builds can be used to track the arrival of product deliveries.

Product dashboards allow you to keep track of your progress

Create a unique dashboard for each product to display key information, spot trends, and keep track of the most recent updates.

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