Release Train Engineer (RTE)

As a Release Train Engineer (RTE), you assist individuals and groups in conducting team or program events and in better understanding and using the Agile mindset and practices.
We don’t claim that utilizing Restya would magically make your team or team of teams more agile, but we do have several features that aid collaboration and transparency.
Let’s go over the features that we believe will make you happy.

Event Facilitation & Support

While physical post-its are the ideal method to work creatively and collaboratively in a face-to-face context, this no longer works when just one person is dialed in. Restya’s customized, highly visual, and interactive perspectives, such as boards, facilitate the facilitation of all SAFe and Scrum events, so the tool will support rather than prescribe the process.
For further information on any or all of the features listed below, or to request a demonstration, please contact us:
  • PI Scheduling
Simple and seamless Program Increment (PI) Planning for your teams.
safe portfolio level
  • Poker Preparation
Allow your team to vote on the level of difficulty and commit to the scope that they believe can be completed by the end of the sprint.
team to vote
  • Remote Reflections

Restya allows you to capture your team’s feedback and action items from a distance. 

team feedback remote
  • Integration with Miro

To consolidate discussion on a single online whiteboard, use the visual platform, Miro.

Pay attention to the work, not the people

Restya focuses on tracking a piece of work from conception to completion. We enable a deep hierarchy of work items, allowing you to group them by-products, teams, team-of-teams, and other criteria. Because one view of some data may not provide you with the insights or usability you require, we enable you to design and personalize your data views, whether they be a list, board, timeline, report, or dashboard. They’re all simple to make and share, and anyone can do it.
For further information on any or all of the features listed below, or to request a demo, please contact us:
  • Types of views (lists, boards, roadmap)
Epics, Features, and other work items can be visualized using a road map.
List board view | portfolio manager
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Choose from a variety of report templates or start from scratch.
Agile Framework
  • View customizations and Report customizations
  • To design the card the way you want it, use drag and drop or double-click on a piece
Business Process
  • Workflows and Custom Fields
  • Custom Field values can be used to categorize, color, and label any entity.
  • Notifications, Automation Rules, and Metrics
  • Configure and send email notifications to keep track of changes to Restya entities.
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