Remote PI Planning

Planning for Remote Program Increment (PI)

The Remote PI planning is a team effort. When face-to-face meetings are not possible, utilizing the Restya solution to establish, plan, and execute your delivery might be the next best thing.


Restya allows you to do remote Program Increment (PI) Planning for your teams straightforwardly and seamless manner. The first step is to start preparing for your event. This involves establishing Organizational and Context Readiness, as well as the ability to do remote PI Planning and effectively communicate with all key team members and stakeholders at all levels of the organization.

Increment planning before the start of the program

All of the necessary components for your remote planning are ready, according to organizational readiness. This includes generating the necessary containers (i.e. entities used to monitor and manage Agile Release Trains (ARTs), Objectives, Products, Program Increments, and Iterations) in Restya, as well as configuring the calendar and dates for your planning. Adding the Program Increment, specifying the start date, and the number of team iterations required for the 10 to 12 week PI may be achieved by adding the Program Increment, setting the start date, and the number of team iterations required for the 10 to 12 week PI. This will set the iterations for all teams linked with the goods you've chosen.

Product Owner
safe most important level

Role Assignment, Teams, and Capacity

At the product level, the teams and members of the teams can be assigned. The capacity of the team is increased during team iterations. Milestones for iteration planning events, reviews, and retrospectives can be added to the PI Planning Roadmap. You may create new teams for the product, as well as assign individuals to the teams according to their duties.


The Executive Briefing and Product Vision Briefing(s) can be included as a description or document at the Program Increment Level, or they can be referenced in the Objectives and Key Results. The top ten features of the funnel are mentioned in this context definition.

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PI Planning

PI Planning Methodology

PI Planning can begin with the Vision and the Top 10 Features as inputs. This may be done remotely over two or three days. The event's timing should be adjusted to meet your teams' varied time zones. The Team and Program PI Objectives, as well as the Program Board and Team commitment to the plan, will be among the outputs.

Setting the Stage

When your company requires more than your existing project management solution can give, turn to Restya. Get a more flexible and reliable agile portfolio management software solution that you can use for team-level task management as well as enterprise-wide agile portfolio operations.

Get portfolio visibility on top of whichever project management tool teams and suppliers are using, whether it's Atlassian Jira or Microsoft Azure. Allow the information to flow freely between teams using Restya and teams using JIRA (or another PM solution), or use Restya as a Jira alternative.


PI Planning Summary

Capturing value, expenses, and overall outcomes, as well as being able to compare improvement from one increment to the next, aids teams in improving constantly.

The Restya solution’s visualisations and easy-to-understand dashboards assist teams and executives in making better choices quicker. And, when your teams collaborate to reach similar goals and objectives, having a repeatable process is critical to success.

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