Requests Management

Requests Management – Make the most of integrating requests from a variety of stakeholders, categorizing them, identifying dependencies, defining deliverables, and monitoring progress at all stages of the process. Restya allows you to obtain a better understanding of the number of requests and manage the full value stream from receipt to fulfillment.

Organize your stakeholder communication

Don’t be intimated by the volume of emails arriving from numerous sources. Create a request in Restya automatically from an incoming email from clients or other departments within your company. Use comments to reply so you don’t lose track of the conversation.
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Requests Management

A request might be a whole project proposal, a product idea, or a simple tweak to an existing solution. Collect all requests from different projects on one board, accept or reject them, and then create your procedure. Visualize any information that you deem relevant on cards, such as the kind of requests you receive, how you receive them (email, phone, externally or internally), requesters, or any other unique attribute.
Even if you have a lot of requests in your backlog, classifying and rating requests in each area can help you stay focused and prioritize them. Determine which requests are of significant business value and which may be completed later.
Restya Track Order

Establish deliverables and track their progress

Define the deliverables connected with a request and keep track of them once they’ve been completed. Any delivery can be linked to any number of incoming requests, and each request can contain numerous deliverables of various sorts. To keep track of the execution process, look at the status and time spent information for all associated deliverables.

Monitor measures

To take additional actions, review collected statistics regarding receiving requests, trends in the length of time it took you to close them, and other performance indicators. 
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Handle requests at the Help Desk

Restya has created a free open source application called Help Desk. It allows consumers to submit complaints, suggestions, or inquiries. Keep it private to keep your customers informed about the status of their requests, or make it public to solicit feedback on product ideas and improvements.
Restya Help Desk
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