Value Stream Management

The Restya Value Stream Management solution may be configured to enable VSM at any point of implementation and to evolve alongside the company’s processes, methodologies, and toolchains.

The Restya Value Stream Management solution may be configured to enable VSM at any point of implementation and to evolve alongside the company’s processes, methodologies, and toolchains. Restya robustly enables custom processes and continuous process enhancements thanks to the Extendable Data Model’s inherent flexibility. Companies can pursue their own Restya at any moment and any level of the business (desired, custom process).

Agile Framework

As a software platform, Restya enables:

  • A continuous and highly visible flow of value throughout the company.
  • By monitoring performance and highlighting waste, you can improve your processes.
  • Value delivered measurement and optimization

Make it possible for value to flow from idea to customer success

“Value” is described at Restya as “a concept iteratively evolved into a viable and valuable solution supplied to an external or internal customer.”

From concept through production, value delivery encompasses all stages. Value delivery management is broader than value stream management because the goal of value delivery is to support customer success. It entails transforming the entire firm into a value-driven organization that enables the success of both external and internal customers.

Restya facilitates these transformations and serves as a single source of truth for businesses to visualize, monitor, and manage value delivery from concept to customer success.

Having visibility across teams, products, and portfolios is essential

Users can develop and edit their views (such as boards, roadmaps, lists, reports, and dashboards) in Restya to receive the information they need to complete their tasks across teams, products, programs, and portfolios. This allows for sight from any angle and at any height.

A value stream can be represented on a board that depicts all of the value stream’s states. A workflow can be assigned to each work item, allowing a value stream to be divided into smaller streams.

Visibility throughout the entire toolchain

Because of existing connectors and the flexibility to link with numerous external technologies, Restya may be a single source of truth for an uninterrupted flow of value across the whole organization.

Native integrations with external tools support the following features:

  • Transparency at a higher level than the team
  • Product management, sales, and marketing are all key elements of the business that require constant delivery and integration.

Restya, for example, integrates with prominent DevOps, tools such as Azure Devops, Jira Software, Gitlab, Github, and Bitbucket, as well as the Salesforce platform and ServiceNow IT service management tool. For additional information and a complete list of integrations, see our website.

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Measure performance and identify waste to improve procedures

Restya makes process improvement easier by allowing complete transparency and giving tools for assessing performance and identifying waste.

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Performance monitoring and evaluation

Restya allows you to track development progress with KPIs like:

  • Many other metrics include
  • lead cycle time
  • processing time
  • cost of delay
  • and mean time to repair (MTTR).

At the team, program, and portfolio levels, reports exhibiting performance measures are easily available. As a result, businesses can detect and reduce waste, simply define priorities, and optimize their processes.

Calculate and display Average Processing Time per state across workflow states, anticipate Cycle Time for work items, detect bottlenecks, and decrease waste, for example.

Capabilities for advanced reporting

Advanced reporting and dashboards are available with the Restya reporting engine. It enables users to construct a variety of reports, including line, bar, and area charts, as well as historical reports such as burndown/up charts, CFDs, and process control charts. Data from external sources, such as DevOps tools, CSV files, and databases, can also be used in reports.

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Determine the worth of something

Customers can define and communicate their idea of "value" in Restya, and optimize processes to deliver that particular value. Customers can utilize unique formulas to establish their metrics and track value delivery according to their definitions using our Custom Metrics tool.

Such metrics can be used in reports, to calculate other metrics, via Rest API, on VSM board cards, or even by the Automation Rules engine to automate various activities.

Optimize value

Companies can optimize value delivery processes and achieve desired business outcomes with Restya. Restya supports a variety of priority models, including WSJF, MoSCoW, ICE, and RICE.

Management of objectives

Support for strategic themes, the Objectives, and Key Results (OKR) goal-setting framework, and other goal-management systems all serve to connect work/backlogs to company objectives.

Portfolio Epics, Epics, and Features can be linked to PI Objectives (or Sprint Goals) or Work Items: Portfolio Epics, Epics, and Features. Our customers can use this relationship to track and assess the value provided on investments made toward a given business goal over a set period.

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Process Automation

Our sophisticated Automation Rules Engine gives you more freedom, allows you to automate across tools, and improves data quality. With Automation Rules, any Restya user may optimize workflows across different tools by automating actions based on internal and external events, minimizing human effort.

Automation Rules proved to be a huge time saver when they arrived.


Restya is a highly adaptable Visual Management software solution that enables enterprises to embrace and expand Agile at any point of deployment, allowing the company, processes, methodologies, and toolchains to develop alongside them.

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