Technical Support

Installation of Application

We will install the application for you, or help you to do so.

No matter where the server is, and what operating system is being used, we are here to advise you regarding the best practice, and regarding the integration of the application into an existing IT environment.

Check our Software as a Service (SaaS) offers if you do not want to bother about installing and maintaining the software, or check about a VPN / Root access to your server if you want to receive a ready-to-use installation service.

Consider recording the installation within our Support Ticket System, in order to keep a track record of configuration and installation values.

Installation of Power Ups (Plugins and Interfaces)

Some of the Plugins are sophisticated pieces of software that demands certain skills and knowledge during the installation. We are here to help you whenever and however needed.

If a certain functionality is not provided out of the box, as a standard solution, we can quite easily adjust the source code of any Plugin, and adjust it for matching your needs. Such adjustments can be implemented within the framework of a commercially available service package.

Settings and Configurations

Our configuration support varies on the customer demand. Often our technicians simply provide a hint on how to enable (or disable) a certain function. On demand, we can also help you with the implementation of complex adjustments. It is possible that our managers or resellers join your project team. Such intense collaboration might be useful for adjusting the system, so it is not limited to a generic task management tool, but for making it match your business process landscape.

Staff Training

Our software is easy to use for end-users. The learning curve is flat, and most people can use it operatively from the first day onwards. However training can be advantageous in a couple of scenarios.

One one hand side, we can train the IT staff members of our clients, so they gain confidence in the process of maintaining the system and rework on the configurations. We can also help them to set up and process end user support solutions following best practice.

Furthermore training to a wider group of end users on the customer side makes sense for triggering a cultural change. In large corporations, it will not be sufficient to simply provide access to a new IT tool. If it shall be used by anyone, then systematic training should be considered. By explaining what benefits are granted by using this tool, the acceptance can be raised, and people who have received an introduction will be less hesitant to start using it.

As external experts and consultants, we can provide you custom training on premise or through a video conference in your local language or in English.

As an alternative to commercially available staff training you can browse our broad product documentation which includes a video library with plenty of explanations.

Coaching and Project Management

If you plan using RESTYA Core as software for handling your tasks within custom designed work flows, forms, and user-roles, so that it reflects the business processes of your management system, then you should consider hiring our senior advisors as an additional external resource for implementing such a project.

Our advisors (e.g. a RESTYA manager) and consultants (e.g. a local RESTYA reseller) are familiar not only with the IT solution, but also with management systems of highly regulated entities such as undertakings in the aviation or pharmaceutical industries, financial services or institutions including public administration, jurisprudence, law enforcement and military forces.

We can coach your management on who to develop and implement a dedicated task management system based on our software product, which facilitates collaboration and efficient decentralized work, and which does correspond with business rules and procedures of your quality and safety management system.

In combination with our technical support, we can help you to design forms, views, and reports as needed by the various roles of your company. We advise you regarding the best approach for enabling features and integrations in an agile and iterative manner. If requested, we can help you to set up portals for suppliers, end-customers and third parties.

As a result the implementation of business processes will be streamlined, which allows performance measurement. Based on the reporting, continuous improvement can be envisaged. We will enable process owners, power users and your IT staff to continuously improve our IT solution without the need of programming skills.

Our coaches will also advise you regarding the best approach regarding cost-efficiency. We believe in mutual benefits, and in sustainability. We have lean infrastructure, and can provide you highly cost effective solutions.

White Labeling

If desired (for a small fee) we can remove our brand from the software, so you don’t need to display any RESTYA label when creating e.g. your end-customer portal with our software.

Development of Middleware

We offer a large selection of plugins, also for the integration of data from other software. Should you miss any software integration, we are happy to develop one for you. Our development service is fast and cost effective. If possible we plan to reuse the new plugin for other clients as well, this allows us to offer great prices for such work..

Adjustment of Source Code

Our core software is already highly flexible. It can be used out of the box, with default settings, or it can be configured to meet most use cases where task management or collaboration plays a role. However, should you have a need for further customization, we can offer you to implement adjustments to the source code. If you pay us a small extra fee, we can give a license which will allow you to adjust the source code by yourself, and still benefit from our support service on top of it.

Security and Reliability Audits and Reviews

Since we have some customers who are working on the open source variant, and some customers who are reworking the source code by themselves, we also offer code review, and quality assurance services on demand. Thereby we will check the current status of your implementation form a technical and from an organizational perspective regarding cyber resilience.

Backup and Recovery

In cases where we maintain the server of your application, and provide you a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, we will also implement a backup and recovery routine.

In cases where you install the software on your own server, we can help and advise you on how to set-up a back-up and recovery routine.

For both scenarios we can provide you emergency support, and we will help you to reinstall the system in the extremely rare case of a server breakdown and related needs.

Bug Fixes

If you detect an error, please contact our support team. Issues can be filed on Github or by simply sending us an email to
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